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I’m pleased to share with you that progress continues to be made to protect the Dalevue-Fernwood neighborhood along the Fairfield Ditch. I joined with City staff members and residents on April 22 to break ground for a flood control project that will protect the area in the future.

The low-lying area along the Fairfield Ditch in Waynedale, in particular along Dalevue Drive and Fernwood Avenue, has experienced chronic flooding since the 1950s. For more than 10 years, we’ve worked closely with the Army Corp of Engineers to find solutions for this flood zone area. It was hoped that the project could receive federal assistance, but with federal funds not available and another flood in the area last spring, I took action and moved forward with voluntary buyouts and additional flood protection measures.

This project is going to have a positive impact as we continue our proactive efforts to protect our neighbors and invest in the community. I’m appreciative of how our Public Works and City Utilities divisions worked together to develop a solution that will enhance the quality of life for residents impacted by past flooding challenges. I also want to thank the residents in the Dalevue-Fernwood area for their commitment and patience throughout this process.

The groundbreaking ceremony occurred after the removal of six homes, through voluntary buyouts, from the area to create additional green space designed to hold more flow from the Fairfield Ditch.

We’re building an earthen berm, to hold back flood water, and constructing an already planned larger diameter, 48-inch stormwater pipe and inlets. The project will protect the area up to a 100-year flood event.

Crosby Excavating Inc, from Fort Wayne, is constructing the project which should be completed later this fall.

Tom Henry - Fort Wayne Mayor

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