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Wayne-Baseball-kaine-jacksonTryouts are over and teams are set. In total the Wayne Baseball program kept 31 players including 7 seniors, 10 juniors, 8 sophomores and 6 freshmen. Under the tutelage of Head coach Eric Sherrill both teams look to have a very promising year, if they can play to their potential. The Assistant coaches are Lucas Fisher, Tony Georgi, Craig McCall and Kyle Sorlie along with bookkeeper Jeff Herring and volunteer Kyle Cyr.

The varsity roster currently carries 18 players on it including 7 seniors, 9 juniors and 2 sophomores. The seniors on the team are: Tristan Byall, Jacob Charles, Ron Goodwin, Nick Huyck, Kaine Jackson, Matt McCullough and Zach Ryan. The juniors are: Joey Brown, Eddie Elder, Austin Fletcher, Brian Howell, Deyonne Hunter, Eli Mason, Donovan Medrano, Braxton Riley and Bradley Warren. The sophomores are: Jacob Fisher and Jose Reina.

The junior varsity roster currently carries 15 players on it including 1 junior, 8 sophomores and 6 freshmen. The lone junior is Seth Bullock. The sophomores on the team are: Bradley Boyer, Quentin Davis, Jacob Fisher, James Lewis, Bryson McKee, Tay Tay Moore, Jose Reina and Andre Stribling. While the 6 freshmen are: Luke Crandle, Michael May, Jacob Moreno, Fabieon Pearson, Austin Pennington and Isaac Romary.

In high school baseball all seniors on a team have to dress and play for varsity only, while juniors, sophomores and freshman can go in between both rosters.

This year with so many upperclassmen it will be hard to get playing time on the varsity roster, so most of the juniors will be going down to the junior varsity roster at some point during the season. When they do this it is to get the players extra at bats, and time on the field. Sophomores Jacob Fisher and Jose Reina who are currently on the both rosters will dress for varsity sometimes but will be playing for the junior varsity team for the majority of the season.

The depth as a team is much deeper than in years past. As deep as the team is with up to 25 players who could dress for varsity at some point, this is the year to strike. That core is ready to go out and prove to the city that Wayne is for real and here to stay. It all starts with their first game of the year at home versus Manchester High School on Wednesday April 2, at 5 p.m. This will be followed by a game at home versus Jay County Tuesday April 8 at 5:30 p.m.

At the end of the day this is not only a team it is a family so come out and support the Wayne Generals Baseball Family.

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Lucas Fisher

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