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Disorderly Bear Den DonationRecently the Dis- orderly Bear Den in Fort Wayne, Indiana gave 76 small teddy bears and 24 medium size Beanie Baby Buddies to Heritage Pointe in Warren, Indiana for their Alzheimer’s residents.

The bears were received by Jodie Stanley and were given in honor of den member, Peggy Redelman who was in the nursing home recuperating from back surgery.

In the picture are, (front row left to right) Pamela Hensley (Heritage Pointe Staff), den member Peggy Redelman and Carrie Kracium (Heritage Pointe Staff). Back row (left to right) Cathy Stuber (Heritage Pointe Occupational Therapist), den member Chelli Wilson, Jodi Stanley (Heritage Pointe Staff) and den member Phyllis Huffer.

The event was coordinated by Jodi Stanley. The picture was taken by den member Donna Gordon-Hearn.

The Waynedale News Staff

The Waynedale News Staff

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