The Great Outdoors


Proceeds from ticket sales will provide running shoes for local children in need. Come support our young athletes while experiencing this remarkable film on Thursday, August 22.

Prevention Fort Wayne and Three Rivers Running Company proudly present the highly acclaimed documentary premier:  Desert Runners

A story about real people, extreme challenges, and life… beyond the comfort zone.

“Desert Runners is a near perfect documentary, capturing the wonder of the human spirit. Director Jennifer Steinman drip-feeds details and motivations, leading to a real emotional investment in these four seemingly super human figures. As they struggle to complete these races, there are moments of high tension, unbearable hardship and unexpected obstacles and dangers to overcome,” Peter Turner, Filmoria June 22, 2013

Thursday, Aug 22
6:30 pm Doors Open
7:00 pm
Pine Valley Country Club
Banquet Room
10900 Pine Mills Rd.
Reserve your TICKET* ONLINE:

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