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Cooperating agencies have assembled a list of about 15 trails at various sites, each about 1 mile in length. Hikers who complete 10 of the listed trails will receive an award.  Forms can be downloaded online or picked up at agency offices after completing a short sign-up form so the number of participants can be tracked. The Trailblazers form will have space for the date hiked, along with participant contact information. Cooperating agency logos and contact information are included.  The back of the form will have directions to the parks areas where the trails are located.  These trails will change on a rotating basis over several years.  The form is turned in to obtain the reward.

Program reward is a brass medallion that can be mounted on a hiking stick. A sticker to attach to the walking stick has the logos of all participating agencies. Sticks will be available at cost of $3. Increased funding from sponsors will allow more people to participate, and possibly add more to the award. Awards may be picked up at Metea or Fox Island County Park Nature Centers, the New Haven Parks office and the Fort Wayne Parks office. This program will run from September 1 to November 30, with last awards given out by January 3, 2014.

Facebook page is Allen County Trailblazers. “Like” and find additional information. The website is where you can go to register, donate to help out and get the latest news.  You can also call 449-8619 or email to learn more.

The Waynedale News Staff

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