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It doesn’t matter which way you go, as long as you get there.

Just the Bare Facts
The Supreme Court recently ruled that people charged with minor offenses, like traffic violations or public intoxication, can be strip searched, even if there is no reasonable doubt that they might be concealing weapons, drugs, or other contraband. I guess The Supreme Court wants to insure that the police get to see the bare facts.

True Love
76-year-old country music singer, Jerry Lee Lewis, was recently married for the seventh time to his cousin’s ex-wife. Ain’t love grand? I just hope this isn’t his swan song.

The Skivvie on Sim’s Fondest Memory
During breakfast this morning with my eighty-three-year-old friend, Sim Hain, at the West End Restaurant, I asked him what his fondest memory was of growing up in Decatur, Indiana. Without any hesitation, he said, “It was when I met my wife, Pat. I was a junior in high school and she was a sophomore. We’ve been married sixty-one years. Why, just this past week, we put on some old records and danced in our Skivvies!”

Real Bread
Sometimes money is referred to as bread and sometimes it’s referred to as dough. Therefore, isn’t it logical to say that you have to make a lot of dough before you make any bread? But I don’t care if you have a lot of dough or a lot of bread, I’ll be your friend.

“Yeah,” I chimed in. “The good Lord doesn’t want me yet and the Devil won’t have me. So if any of you good folks are tempted to tell me where to go…I want you all to know I can’t go there.”

I started out with nothing and I still have most of it left.

If you start your own business and succeed, you are an entrepreneur. However, if you fail you are an entremanure. And let me tell you, I’ve been called both. And being a farm boy, I know which one stinks.

It doesn’t matter which way you go, as long as you get there.

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