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Why is Greenland mostly ice
and Iceland mostly green?

The Retirement
The fifteenth of April,
Is National Tax Day,
What you worked so hard for,
They taketh away.
They’re not even hungry,
Yet they spend it on pork,
Give it to people who hate us,
And those who won’t work.
The politicians are busy,
They seldom rest,
They’re working their tails off,
Feathering their nest.

The taxes collected,
The influence they hold,
Are quickly turned,
Into silver and gold,
And if they’re still living,
When out they must bow,
They’ll retire in style,
And now you know how!

Arbor Day
April 16th is Arbor Day.
Since Arbor is the Latin word for tree.
I wonder if anyone has ever gotten treesles on that day.

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