WAYNEDALE MEMORIAL DAY PARADEWith American flags held high the crowd lined the once quiet, now bustling street. The sounds of the band faint off in the distance fueled the anticipation of this year’s Waynedale Memorial Day Parade. When the sun sought its 9am spot in the sky, the cars, floats and banner carriers began to slowly snake out of the Waynedale United Methodist Church parking lot.

You could hear young children yell and point, “The parade is coming!” and soon the music began to get louder, silhouettes of soldiers now and past were visible on the hill top off in the distance. As they drew near, the air was filled with a mix of celebration, togetherness and remembrance. Feeling good to be a part of such a grand community event, everyone was in good spirits. And they were showered with people waving from their parade vehicles, candy and postcards.

As the roar of the engines started to die-down and the last float passed, the people in the crowd stood up and began to fold their seats. As one, they all began a procession of their own, spilling into Prairie Grove Cemetery where they were met by the Wayne High School band and a presentation by local military organization officials. As James Gillie, the parade marshal began speak, a sense of unity blanketed all in attendance to honor those we have lost. The bell rang and the guns saluted, and eventually the crowd began to thin. Each went off to their own way in reflection of 2012’s Memorial Day Parade.

Publisher’s Note: Videos and photos of the parade and service can be found online at www.Waynedale.com or at www.facebook.com/waynedalenews
Photos by Cynthia Cornwell & George “Dewey” Powell.

Alex Cornwell

Alex Cornwell

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