KINGSTON HONORS VETERANS NOV. 11Veteran’s Day will be celebrated Friday, November 11. Kingston Residence is proud of the many Veterans who reside with us. Here are some of their memories:

Cal Peterson served in the Navy during WWII. He spent most of his time in the South Pacific as part of the CB – Construction Battalion. Cal worked many islands from Hawaii to Australia where the English had set up leper colonies. It was there that he said they traded or bartered for leather goods with their K rations.

Clarence Saylor enlisted in the Navy and served three years. He taught moulding which was crafting metal needs for warships. Clarence was aboard ship for most of his service, visiting Japan twice. His favorite memories include visiting the Imperial Palace and rubbing the belly of the big Buddha in Japan.
Clarence Dowling spent the majority of his tour as a Marine in Guam as an aerial gunner instructor. He feels blessed to have made it home alive to his family. Clarence also notes that after eating Spam every day, he has not eaten another bite since. He wishes more people were aware of and concerned about our unemployed veterans.

Verl Oberlin compares his enlistment to a “shotgun wedding” as he was able to pick his branch to serve in as opposed to being drafted. Verl served in the Air Force as an Executive Officer for the 95th Squadron. He vividly remembers being in a plane flying over Germany when they were attacked. 75 holes from 88mm rounds hit the plane, the hydraulics went out and three crewmen were injured.

Jim Shelton served in the Air Force for four years. As a plumbing, heating and air conditioning specialist, he spent two winters in Maine where snow would drop 20″ at a time. He and his wife Marge wed during the war. Jim firmly believes that every young person today should spend at least two years in the service “as it is a good experience. Kids today don’t know what bad times are like.”
Terry Clark served in the Army for a period of three years as Specialist First Class. He was proud of his time while serving his country.

Joe LeBlanc served in the Air Force for three years as a mechanic. He worked on B17s and B29s and remembers spending a lot of time traveling cross-country on the railway to get to and from his assignments. He lost a lot of friends in the war and was thankful to come home without suffering any injuries.
Bob Dove served in the Air Force for four years as a truck mechanic. He was in Alaska for two years and remembers marching outside in weather 30 degrees below zero. Bob assisted with USO shows and once pulled a truck Bob Hope was riding in out of a ditch. Bob also fondly remembers his brother who lost his life at 18 while serving.

Our deepest appreciation and admiration go out to all Veterans’ as well as the spouses and families of all who served.

All Veterans are invited to commemorate Veteran’s Day with a free breakfast on Friday, November 11th from 7:30 – 9:00 a.m. at Kingston Residence, 7515 Winchester Road. RSVP’s appreciated to 747-1523.

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