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LIGHTS OUT!“I’m scared,” said Blinky, the lighting bug. He shook with fear. “Something is wrong with my tail-light. It won’t shine anymore.”

“I can’t see in the dark! Without my tail-light, I can’t find my friends. A mouse could come and eat me!” he sobbed.

Blinky was lying in deep grass. He had been there for several hours. How could he get his tail-light back on?

A sound came from the grass near him. “Oh my goodness,” blinky whispered to himself. “Who c…c..could that b..b..be?”

A voice in the grass whispered, “Blinky is that you?”

It was his friend, Flutter! “Yes, it’s me!” He was so happy to have Flutter with him.

“Where have you been? I missed you,”

“My tail-light went out and I can’t see.” “I can’t fly. No one knows where I am. Can you help me Flutter?”

“Blinky, have you done something bad?” he asked in an accusing voice. “If you did something bad that’s why you lost your tail-light.”

“You know, I did tell a lie and I stole something,” Blinky said sadly.

“Now according to fire fly policy you will have to apologize to each person you wronged and even pay for what you stole!”

“I didn’t break anything…I just lied and stole a pen from another firefly,” he said innocently.

“Maybe if you make everything right you could fly in a few days.”

“I will, I will!”

During the following days, Blinky apologized and paid for everything he stole. Each time he did, his tail-light started to flutter and get brighter at night. By the third night he was in full tail-light.

“I can see! I can signal and no mouse can eat me!”

Blinky flew out of the grass and into the night sky. He was so delighted. He turned six somersaults and his tail-light got brighter with each one.

Flutter flew by and yelled, “You’re a free firefly! You were honest and that was the right thing to do. Good Job!”

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