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CIRCUS ANTSLulu jumped in with a suggestion, “Let’s join the Black Ants Circus. They’re not far from here.”

Lulo responded, “You’ve go to be kidding. Me? working with dogs or elephants? No way! Oh well, let’s give it a try.”

On their way to the circus, they talked about what they could do, and decided on two acts. “Lula, you have good balance and are strong,” said Lulu. “How about being a string tight-rope walker? You’d have to put your six legs, one behind the other, on the string and walk across. You might lose your balance, but with practice, you can do it. Lulo, you could be shot out of a cannon. You could do it with practice.”

“Let’s get started planning our acts. I’ll give suggestions,” Lulu said. “And you girls take it from there. Lula, why don’t you start practicing your tight-rope act on the taut string? We could help you stretch the string tight. You might need a tiny umbrella to help you keep your balance as you walk across. As for you, Lulo, you’ll need a straw-one with a red stripe would be best. You’ll also need a tiny soft bottle, with a narrow opening. Lula and I could jump on the bottle, sending pressured air up the straw cannon to propel you out! You would fly through the air and land on a soft wet sponge, so you wouldn’t be hurt. Let’s get started. I’ll help you find the things you need.”

Everyone worked their acts until they were perfect. Now, they were ready to join the Black Ant Circus. The following day, after walking some distance, they arrived at the circus and met the owner. He was impressed with their acts, and signed them up immediately.

After a week of practice and instructions at the circus, they got fitted for their costumes. It was difficult to fit them because of their body shape; big at the top and bottom and skinny in the middle. Lula wore a beautiful pair of iridescent shorts and a tight fitting blouse. Lulo was dressed in a tailored blue military jacket with matching blue trousers that covered all of her six legs. Wow! Lulu wore a clown costume because she was in charge of costumes and equipment.

Their performances were stunning, and they received thunderous applause from the audience, who created all the racket by rubbing their legs together.

“Wow,” said the boy still on his hands and knees watching the ants. “My knees are hurting and my back is killing me from leaning over watching all that was going on with the ants. Lulu, Lula and Lulo were absolutely amazing.


Opa (Grandfather) Vizino has decided to take a break from writing his column. He wants to say thank you to everyone who enjoyed his stories.


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