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Once upon a time, the four dwarfettes lived for a week with their parents and their Momma and Poppa. The dwarfettes slept in four beds on the second floor of the cottage. Each of the beds were always made and lined in a row. The cottage overlooked the Straits of Mackinaw and was right near the water. The water was always cold so they would wade in up to their thighs. Their dad would sometimes wade in with them and throw them around in the water.

One day Momma gave each of the dwarfettes a clear bottle with a narrow neck. She told them to each day put something they found in the bottle and then report it at the evening meal. This excited the dwarfettes. Now each of the dwarfettes had a name. The captain of the dwarfettes was named Hollyo and she was a dwarfette that loved ballet. She was always dancing round doing pirouettes, etc. The next in age was Heathero. She was the assistant captain. She was always scampering around getting into all kinds of things and laughing and giggling about it. Finally the littlest of the four dwarfettes was Hannaho. She was a sprite who was always running around and was lightest on her feet. In fact sometimes her feet barley touched the ground.

Each day the dwarfettes would be looking for something to put into their bottle. The first to find something was Hannaho. But there was something strange about what she found. She was looking in the water and saw a particularly beautiful stone. As she bent over to pick it out of the water, a large fish swam up to her and said, “Hi, I’m King Fish and that stone is the beginning of my kingdom.” Well, Hannaho was shocked and frightened. But she soon got used to King Fish and invited him and a few friends to tea on the bench. King Fish graciously accepted and agreed to a tea party that would be held the next day.
Hannaho set up a table and four chairs right by the water. When the time came for the tea party, King Fish said, “Can we come now?” Hannaho said, “Yes, please come, I have set out some cakes and tea. I hope you like them.” Then King Fish came out of the water walking on his tail that sort of looked like two feet. He brought two friends and they all sat down together and had tea.

Hannaho asked King Fish to tell what it was like to live in the water. He told her of all the wonders of the deep. Then. King Fish asked Hannaho what it was like to live on land. When teatime ended, Hannaho thanked them for coming and waved goodbye as they went back into the water and swam away. So Hannaho took the rock and put it in her bottle. Can you imagine telling everyone about King Fish and his four friends having tea by the water! Well, while Hannaho was having this strange time, the other three dwarfettes were watching from the window. They were all laughing and giggling. So they all went on the beach to talk to Hannaho. What would happen next?

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