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Part II of IV

Now it was Captain Hollyo’s turn to have something strange happen. And boy, was it strange! She was walking toward Hannaho on the beach when she saw a pretty pink flower growing in the sand. It reminded her of one of her ballet costumes. The flower was so pretty; she picked it. As soon as she did, she looked down at her feet. Instead of sand in between her toes, there were ballet shoes on her feet! Can you imagine seeing ballet shoes in the sand? And Hollyo was on point! The other dwarfettes looked at her in awe.

Then as she smelled the pink flower again she was completely dressed in a tutu and drawn to the water.

Now, the day was beautiful and the water was smooth as glass. As she reached the water the ballet shoes took her in too.

“No, no,” she cried.

But it did no good to try and stop the shoes. All of a sudden she was in the water but she wasn’t in it, she was on it. She was dancing on the water! Then she started to dance on point. Round and round she went doing leaps and pirouettes and moving farther out from the shore. It was crazy but she loved every minute of it. Little did she know she was going to have an audience. She continued right out into the middle of the straits.

Her sisters were back on the beach calling, “Hollyo, come back, come back!”
A freighter was coming through the straits at this time. So Hollyo danced right around the freighter. When the crew on the freighter saw her dancing on the water they all came out and peered at her from the deck.

Hollyo was now getting very tired. But how to get back to the shore was a problem! Then, she thought of the flower that she had put in her pocket. She took it out and smelled it. Wham! She was back on the beach with her sisters and chatting away about that strange experience. So Hollyo certainly put the pink flower in her bottle.

Which dwarfette would find something for their bottle next?

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