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THE TWIRLING PRINCESSPart three of three

Hannah Leigh called them “Jingle Bells.” Then she saw they were on a sleigh and the sleigh was gliding over all the snow. There were horses pulling the sleigh and the air was crisp and cold. It all looked so pretty. The sleigh stopped and the Blue Bells brought Hannah Leigh right next to the Tinkling Bells. “These are our cousins and they are Sleigh Bells,” sang another Blue Bell. “They are hung on the sleigh and they ring when the horses pull the sleigh,” sang the Blue Bell. Hannah Leigh met her cousins the Sleigh Bells and once again twirled around for them. They all got the giggles and laughed until their sides hurt! Hannah Leigh was so happy to meet her silver little thinking cousins.

Well, there was just enough time to meet another of the Bell family. Hannah Leigh enjoyed the wonderful ride on the soft Blue Bells that floated her along through the sky. Suddenly they were at the front porch of a beautiful house and they stopped right by the front door. Princess Hannah Leigh thought, “This is a strange place to stop. What Bell family member would live here?” One of the Blue Bells quickly spoke up. “This is our cousin Door Bell,” she sang in her beautiful high voice.” “Door Bell,” said Blue Bell, “This is Princess Hannah Leigh and she is one of your cousins.” Hannah Leigh curtsied very low, smiled and said, “I am so pleased to meet you Door Bell.” Then Door Bell explained that when friends come to the house, she rings for them so that the family inside will know that someone is at the door. Door Bell just loved to do that and it’s so much fun for her. She has two children and they are Back Door Bell and Side Door Bell. They love what they do also. Once again Princess Hannah Leigh showed how she belongs to the family of Bells by twirling around and around until she fell down to everyone’s delight. It was sad to leave Door Bell since she was the most fun of all the Bells.

Up Hannah Leigh went into the sky on the flapping wings of the Blue Bell leaves. It was getting late and she needed to get home. She was afraid that the King and Queen would miss her. The hundreds of Blue Bells gently let her down on the green grass of the castle garden. They told her how much she meant to them and how much fun it was to introduce her to other members of the Bell family. “There are so many others for you to meet, but we will save those until another day,” sweetly sang another Blue Bell.

All the Blue Bells returned to the garden and sang her special song about flowers. Princess Hannah Leigh twirled around and around once more to thank them for all they had done. She sent a kiss to them and ran quickly to the castle. She didn’t tell her parents the King and Queen, about all of this since she wanted it to be secret. And the secret she did keep and went on many trips with the Blue Bells to meet more members of the Bell family. And everyone she met loved her and she loved them, what do you think? Is Princess Hannah Leigh still visiting the Blue Bells? (“I think so,” whispered a little voice.)

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