The Great Outdoors


(The deadline has been extended to March 4th.)
Who:  For all Girl, Boy and Cub Scouts
When:  Date: March 26
Where: Avalon Missionary Church (the big building)
1500 Lower Huntington Road
Time:  1:00 PM – 4:00 PM
Cost:  $5 per scout
Max 100 scouts
Boy Scouts: Earn Disability Merit Badge (partial only)
Cub Scouts: Earn Disabilities Awareness Belt loop and pin
Tigers: 4G – Go See It Activity – How people communicate with others
Wolfs:  12- Making Choices
Webelos:  Communicator

Stations for this year are:
1. Adapted sports basketball Obstacle Course by Turnstone Center for Children and Adults with Disabilities
2. Autism Speaks /ASK About Special Kids: Valerie Potchka
3. Sign Language by League of the Blind and Disabled
4. American Diabetes Association: Martha Porter
5. Blind/visual disabilities by League of the Blind and Disabled
6. Down Syndrome Speaker: Kimberly McCoy
7. White Cane Obstacle Course by League of the Blind and Disabled
8. The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society

Scouting promises you the great outdoors. You can learn how to camp and hike without leaving a trace and how to take care of the land. You’ll study wildlife up close and learn about nature all around you. There are plenty of skills for you to master, and you can teach others what you have learned.
To find a Scouting unit near you, and begin your adventure, visit or call the council service center at 260.432.9593 or 800.272.2922.

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