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On Monday, February 7 2011, Covington Commons’ resident Angeline Jackson who was born on February 7, 1905 celebrated her 106th birthday in Orchard Café within the Covington Commons Community.
Angeline, who has been living in Assisted Living Apartments at Covington Commons for the last five years, spends a great deal of her time telling the staff and other residents what it was like growing up in the older days. What it was like when the telephone was invented, and many other interesting things that have come about in her impressive lifetime.
A devout Catholic, she enjoys attending the weekly Mass & Rosary Catholic services held at the community each week. Along with all of that, one of her the things that brightens Mrs. Jackson’s day is when her son Tom and his wife Mary Anne stop by to visit and bring her grandchildren along to visit as well.
The staff at Covington Commons all agree that Angeline is one of the most gracious and warm-hearted residents they have ever had the pleasure of working with. “Angeline always puts others above herself”, is what Renee Kreienbrink had to say.
We welcome anyone and everyone to stop by Covington Commons located at 2601 Covington Commons Drive on Monday, have a piece of cake and congratulate Angeline on being one of the oldest people in Fort Wayne and to wish her a very happy birthday!

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