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Sunday, March 6th
3:00-7:00 p.m.

Curly’s Village Inn
4205 Bluffton Rd.
Cost: $10 Buffet
Entertainment by:
The Kimmy Dean Show

Curly’s Village Inn will host a benefit for a Waynedale resident who was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2010.  
When Curly’s Village Inn regular Jackie Lloyd was diagnosed with breast cancer last year, the employees and other regular customers knew they wanted to help. After all, Jackie would be the first person to help someone else in need.
“Even though she is battling this horrible disease, she worries about us worrying about her,” says Curly’s employee & friend Tina Tackett.
“Jackie always has a smile on her face despite it all,” says Tackett. “We want to give back and maybe help with some of the enormous medical bills Jackie and her husband Brian are facing.”         
In addition to the buffet, the benefit will feature a raffle with all proceeds going toward helping with Jackie’s medical bills. Most of the items are donated from local businesses and vendors. There will also be items available for purchase.
For more information, please contact Amy Lambert, Curly’s Village Inn, 747-9964.

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