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SHOW OF YOUR WAYNEDALE PRIDE! WAYNEDALE.COMWaynedale.com is proud to announce the first ever Waynedale Apparel. As a fundraiser for the greater Waynedale area, this special clothing line was created to boost community exposure and local business. Proceeds from all items produced by Waynedale.com go towards the Support Waynedale Fund Raising effort for community enhancing initiatives.
Currently available are Waynedale t-shirts, hats and hoodies (pullover sweatshirts) in various colors. All of these items have been designed and purchased right here in Waynedale. The t-shirts and hoodies are made with a quality material and screen printed with two Waynedale designs. Each design highlights a positive aspect of what makes Waynedale a great place to live, work and visit. The hats have been custom embroidered with just the Waynedale logo by Just Especially For You, the Waynedale embroidery shop at 2505 Lower Huntington Road.
Not only are these items a keepsake and first in Waynedale history, but they also serve an important purpose for Waynedale improvement. Wearing your Waynedale Apparel shows you are proud and in support of Waynedale, which also comforts others in the community to see you feel just the same as they do.
You can buy your Waynedale Apparel in-stock at the following local community supporters: Don Hall’s Original Drive-In (South) at 1502 Bluffton Road; Azar’s Big Boy at 6800 Bluffton Road; Umber’s Do it Best hardware on 2413 Lower Huntington Road. Or preview and purchase all items online at the Waynedale Shop at Waynedale.com. Order apparel to be shipped or have them available for local pickup at The Waynedale News, 2700 Lower Huntington Road.
Remember, your purchase helps improve Waynedale’s exposure inside and outside our community and also funds the various Waynedale enhancing business and residential initiatives.

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