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City starts new recycling program, all-in-one recycling carts now being delivered
I am proud to welcome Brent Wake to my staff to serve as the Mayor’s advocate in Waynedale neighborhoods and throughout the southwest and northwest quadrants of Fort Wayne.
Wake is working with neighborhoods, residents and business associations in the city’s southwest and northwest quadrants and will lead the City’s efforts for the Bank on Fort Wayne program to provide access to traditional banking services for people who don’t currently use savings or checking accounts. He joined the City from his recent position as regional director for Senator Evan Bayh’s Fort Wayne office.
I know many of you know Ken Nicolet, who has been serving southwest neighborhoods since 2004. After 20 years of service to the City of Fort Wayne, Ken is retiring later this year. Rest assured that Ken will guide Brent in the first part of the year to ensure a smooth transition for you and your neighborhoods.
Brent brings to the Mayor’s office a wealth of information about Fort Wayne and Indiana. I am delighted to have him joining our staff and continuing to build and maintain ties to Fort Wayne’s neighborhoods on the west side. His experiences with Senator Bayh and local organizations will be a wonderful addition to our staff and our community as we work to strengthen neighborhoods and continue connections with residents.
Expanded recycling program now underway
Have you ordered or received your new all-in-one recycling cart? Delivery is now underway for the new carts, which started earlier this month and will continue through April. Approximately 600 to 800 new recycling carts will be delivered daily on the scheduled recycling days. Each week areas in all quadrants of the City will receive new carts. The distribution schedule is available at www.recyclefortwayne.org.
Once carts are delivered to your neighborhood, you can no longer use the yellow and brown bins for recycling.
Only Fort Wayne residents who signed up for the recycling program will receive carts. City residents who would like to participate in the new recycling program may sign up even after crews delivered to their area; however, it will take an additional three to four weeks for delivery. To minimize delays, I encourage you to sign up today if you haven’t already done so.
To register for a cart, call 311 or sign up online at www.recyclefortwayne.org. A map detailing cart distribution is available at www.recyclefortwayne.org.
I am excited about the new program for three reasons. First, we have expanded the amount of items that can now be recycled instead of placed in the garbage. Fort Wayne residents can now recycle plastics #1-7 including polystyrene foam plus paper milk and juice containers. Second, Fort Wayne now shares 50 percent of the revenue generated from the sale of the recyclable materials. Lastly, the program is more convenient by eliminating the need to separate materials. It’s just one cart for recyclables and a separate one for your trash.
For your yellow and brown bins, you may keep them, or after receiving your new recycling cart, leave them at the curb and crews will collect them within 72 hours. Until you receive your new cart, continue sorting in the yellow and brown bins. However, everyone will be eligible to recycle the additional plastics.
The new recycling cart has a yellow lid and an embossed image listing items accepted in the recycling program. Black lids will still be used on standard garbage carts for City residents.

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