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HEADWATERS ICE RINK REACHES MILESTONEIt has been a busy season for the ice rink at Headwaters Park.
Recently they met another milestone.
The 150,000th ice skater (the total accumulation of skaters since inception in November 2003) was recognized at the rink on Saturday, January 1, 2011.
Geoff Paddock, Executive Director at Headwaters Park Alliance, presented a gift basket of items provided by Fort Wayne businesses and a free skating pass for the remainder of the season to an ice skating family-Todd Campbell, Colleen Carpenter, Liam Campbell-Carpenter, age 5 and Ruby Campbell-Carpenter, age 3. As you may recall, Headwaters Park Ice Rink awarded the 100,000th skater a similar gift basket just two years ago.
The outdoor ice rink, located downtown Fort Wayne just off N. Clinton, is a very popular attraction and very inexpensive entertainment. Admission is $5 for 14 and over, $3 for under 14. If you don’t have your own skates you may rent them. Skate rental is $2. Kids ages 13 and under can skate FREE every Wednesday.
The Headwaters Park Ice Rink is open to the public everyday of the week with free parking.

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