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Zimmer Corporation recently donated $5,000 to support Camperships for the Boy Scouts of America – Anthony Wayne Council in Northeast Indiana. Each year, between 150 and 200 youth request assistance for attending summer camp through the “Campership” program offered by the Boy Scouts. Youth applying for camperships have demonstrated financial need and have sought to provide their own way to camp through participation in unit fundraising, service projects, their own jobs and savings, and family contributions.

However, extenuating circumstances prevent them from being able to pay the entire fee for a week of camp.  With Zimmer’s donation, the Council begins this year with high expectations.

“Last year the Council supported Camperships with more than $11,000,” said Kelly Bergman, District Executive of Boy Scouts of America – Anthony Wayne Council.

If history repeats itself, Zimmer’s donation will fund almost 50 percent of Campership requests in the coming year. Zimmer’s commitment to our community is an important part of our mission and we are proud to support the needs of youth.

(Kelly Bergman is an Eagle Scout and a former member of Troop 38 sponsored by Calvary United Methodist Church here in Waynedale.)


The Boy Scouts of America has introduced an exciting new program to make it easier than ever for parents or guardians to identify and start to evaluate the many options available for joining a Scouting program. Family needs and mobility have changed a lot over the century that has passed since the Boy Scout program first came to the United States. The criteria that you and your son have in mind for the ideal Cub Scout Pack may differ from even that of our next-door neighbor. is a new Web page the BSA has developed in cooperation with Google maps to help locate Packs, Troops, and Venture Crews near any location of your choosing. And that’s just the beginning. Every registered unit is already in the system. Go to the site, enter your home address, click the GO button and watch for a custom map to come up, with a pin indicating the address you entered and a logo for each nearby Pack/Troop address you entered.

You can even send an e-mail request for more information. Ask questions. Drop-downs provide an easy way to tell us the age and grade-level at which our son may be looking to become a Cub Scout. There’s never been a better time or an easier way to check out the Boy Scouts of America in our area.


The Boy Scout shop is open and waiting your call. They have a great selection of items that would just fit under your Scout’s Christmas tree or in their stocking. Call them at 260-432-9593 and see what they have to offer. They have gifts that would be just right for Scout leaders also. Tell them Ray sent you.

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