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Fort Wayne Community Schools welcomed 52 community members into the schools to serve as guest principals for the annual Principal for a Day event. The majority of the guest principals visited the schools on Wednesday, November 17, while a few selected other days that better met the schedules of the guests or the building principals.

The guest principals for each of the schools began their school day early and up to noon on Wednesday experiencing a taste of what a principal goes through in a day. From welcoming students into a building to dealing with concerned parents to working with teachers to improve academic achievement, principals do it all.

This year, guest principals have the added experience of observing the professional development that goes on during the weekly Wednesday delay time. Each Wednesday, students arrive 30 minutes later than normal to give staff members a chance to work together and learn from each other about the best methods to use in the classroom.

Following the shadowing experience, the principals and their guests were invited to lunch at Anthis Career Center, 1200 S. Barr St., where Culinary Arts students prepared and served a delicious meal.

“This event is one that we look forward to every year,” Superintendent Wendy Robinson said. “Many adults haven’t been in a school since they were a child and don’t realize how much education has changed. We have a lot of great stories to share in each of our buildings, and we welcome the community’s involvement in making us even better.”

The guest principals came from a variety of occupations, leadership positions and organizations in our community. In Waynedale, Allen County Superior Court Judge Ken Scheibenberger served as principal of the day at Maplewood Elementary while Ron Wise of Wise Insurance agency was at Miami Middle School.

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