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Taylor University sophomore Amy Green has written a children’s stage play that has been accepted for national publication in Plays magazine. Green is a professional writing major at Taylor. Since arriving at Taylor, she has written radio scripts for WBCL radio, devotions for The Secret Place and The Aboite Independent, book and music reviews for Church Libraries and Christian Book Previews, cover story interviews for Christian Communicator, and articles for children in Clubhouse Magazine.

“I actually came up with the concept for this fantasy play when I was taking a creative writing class back in high school,” said Green, “but it wasn’t until I got to Taylor that I gained the skills related to proper staging, narrative style, and, also, manuscript marketing. My writing professor, Dr. Hensley, showed me ways to express my writing in new formats and expressions. Since then, I’ve had continuous success at getting published.”

Green’s play is titled “Happily Ever After” and is a comedy fantasy in which Cinderella’s evil stepmother plans to burn all of the memorabilia from the most famous fairytales. Jack (from “Jack and the Beanstalk”) enlists help from numerous fairytale children, who, like him, have now grown up and entered such adult professions as gossip reporter, saleswoman, and even convict.

Green said that the play will be used as read-aloud group theatre and as a staged one-act comedy by middle school and high school drama groups and theatre classes. Each issue of Plays showcases approximately five original plays by arising new talented writers. Green credits British writer George MacDonald and his essay “The Fantastic Imagination” in convincing her that fairytales can communicate truth and show life as it ought to be.

“The writing community at Taylor has helped me blossom as a writer,” said Green. “The writing students give good feedback to each other regarding their manuscripts, and the professors are published authors themselves, so they provide marvelous guidance. I’m brimming with ideas for future stories and scripts.”

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