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(Also good for ‘tame’ meat)


1 cup (8 oz.) ketchup or catsup (go cheap; save money)

1 cup (8 oz.) cooking oil (I like to use olive oil or Canola oil)

1 cup (8 oz.) soy sauce (Lite Soy Sauce has less salt)

1 cup (8 oz.) lemon juice (I use Real Lemon – fresh is better)

Liquid smoke to taste (I use a lot!)

Garlic powder to taste (A heaping tablespoon isn’t too much)

Blend all ingredients together. Put steaks, chops, chicken parts, squirrel, groundhog, or cheap cuts of meat in a large Ziploc bag, pour in mixture. Force all air out of the bag and zip close. I like to marinate the meat overnight in the refrigerator or all day if meat is to be served up around suppertime. Turn the bag every hour or so.

Drain the meat before putting it on the grill; the oil may cause flames to flair up so have a kid’s squirt gun filled with water on hand to douse flames and to keep hungry visitors at bay.


NOTE: Don’t have liquid smoke? Substitute a tbsp of powdered coffee.

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