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Certainly not. Some Condos are two floors…not so good for someone with health problems to go up and down stairs. There could also be a unit that has a main floor and upstairs and even a basement. Then of course a Ranch style with only a main floor. Perfect for easy mobility.

However, all three types have advantages over a regular single-family residence. For example, in most cases a reasonable monthly fee is charged for many of the following services: snow removal for your driveway, sidewalk to your front door and street. Some associations (depending on your monthly dues) will replace your roof, siding, painting your garage door, front door frame, and again depending on the architectural style of construction. Where there is a swimming pool in your project usually there is a clubhouse, exercise room, and/or tennis courts that’s also included for your use. Sometimes there may be a small fee (usually a damage deposit) for the use of the clubhouse when you wish to entertain a larger group.

A monthly newsletter provides each owner with the up-to-date “goings on “ within the community.

A perfect example in this area would be the Woodhurst Condos located at Fairfield Ave. and Paulding Road. At this location there are 72 condos consisting of 32 one-floor units with the balance being two, and three bedroom townhouses. These units were uniquely designed by a Washington D.C. architect and custom built by John R. Worthman Homes. Their creativity supplied all these by “grouping” attractive units of wood and brick around a central courtyard where each unit has an unobstructed view. As part of the plan there are walkways leading to a reflecting pool and a charming terrace patio leading to the relaxing clubhouse.

You are the sole owner of your home and you may sell it at anytime to anyone you please. The only co-ownership is the land surrounding your unit, roads, walkways, recreation areas, lobbies, party rooms, furnace rooms, hallways, and common areas. You and your association members determine your monthly dues. There is an Association Board of Managers that oversees the maintenance, the yearly budget, and overall management of your Community.


Additional information may be obtained by contacting Marge Bennett, Treasurer, 744-6451 or Ed Neufer, Realtor, RE/MAX Results, 740-1248.

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