Joe Gibbs, the former coach of the Washington Redskins, a few years ago spoke to a conference of Baptist men in Orlando, Florida. He compared the game of football with the game of life – a game we don’t want to lose.

“We’ve got to have a head coach. A coach who cares about us. That coach is God. God cares about us. He cares so much that he willingly sacrificed his Son on our behalf. That’s love beyond what all of us can comprehend.”

Our team, the coach suggested, is really our family.

“What you’re taking care of at home is more important than what you’re taking care of at work,” he said.

Then he offered this advice: “Don’t ignore your family in order to be a success. The most important thing you can leave in life is your influence.”

“The Bible,” Gibbs pointed out “is God’s game plan.”

If we follow God’s game plan, we’ll be able to handle any setbacks or losses. Indeed, we may discover that our losses end up being the greatest victories in our life.

In closing, Gibbs said, “The real question is: How are we playing?”

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