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Sharon Tucker Wins Caucus, Becomes Fort Wayne Mayor

In a historic ceremony held on April 20th, Sharon Tucker was officially sworn in as the Mayor of Fort Wayne, breaking new ground as the city’s first African American mayor. The event marks a significant milestone in Fort Wayne’s history and ushers in a new era of leadership following the passing of longtime Mayor Tom Henry.

The swearing-in ceremony, conducted by Karl Bandemer, was attended by numerous city officials, community leaders, and residents, all eager to witness this transformative moment in their city’s governance. Tucker, who previously served as the executive director of Vincent House Inc. and represented Fort Wayne’s 6th District as a city councilwoman, steps into her new role with a wealth of experience in public service and community engagement.

The transition has received strong endorsements from various quarters, including the Indiana Democratic Party and the Henry family, who have been long-time supporters of Tucker. The Henry family released a statement expressing their confidence in Tucker’s leadership and their commitment to support her administration.

Mike Schmuhl, Chair of the Indiana Democratic Party, highlighted the significance of Tucker’s election, stating, “Fort Wayne was incredibly blessed to have Mayor Henry’s leadership for nearly two decades and Mayor-elect Tucker will continue to lead the city in a positive direction.”

In her first address as mayor, Tucker expressed her dedication to continue the initiatives started by her predecessor while also paving new paths to meet the current needs of the community. She underscored her commitment to inclusivity, economic development, and public engagement.

Among Tucker’s notable initiatives is the founding of Project Activate SouthEast Fort Wayne (P.A.S.E.), a program designed to support local entrepreneurs and stimulate economic growth in underdeveloped areas of the city. She is also known for her involvement in the ‘Women in Politics Forum,’ an annual event aimed at empowering women in the political process.

As Fort Wayne looks to its future under a new mayorship, community leaders remain optimistic about the positive changes Mayor Tucker is poised to bring. Her track record of active community involvement and her strategic vision for economic and social development are seen as key factors that will define her administration.

Technically speaking, Tucker will not be the first female leader of Fort Wayne. In 1985, Fort Wayne experienced a unique moment in its political history when Cosette Simon briefly assumed the role of mayor, serving for just eleven days. Her short tenure as mayor was due to her stepping in as Deputy Mayor following the resignation of Mayor Winfield Moses, who had resigned to prepare for a special election. Moses was running to reclaim the mayoral office after having been convicted of a misdemeanor related to campaign finances. Despite the brief duration of her mayoral role, Simon’s position was significant as it marked the first time a woman held the office in Fort Wayne’s history. Her service, though temporary, highlighted the potential for women in leadership roles within the city and paved the way for future female candidates.

Tucker was one of seven candidates vying for the position in the weeks following Henry’s passing. The candidates presented their platforms to the 92 precinct chairs of the Allen County Democratic Party at Parkview Field, with the understanding that multiple rounds of voting might be necessary until one candidate secured over 50% of the vote.

After just two rounds of voting, Tucker was informed by party leaders that she had been elected. Party Chair Derek Camp expressed confidence in Tucker’s capabilities, citing her energy and dedication as key assets for the city’s future.

Looking ahead, Tucker will serve for about three and a half years before potentially seeking election in her own right in 2027. She confirmed that current Acting Mayor Karl Bandemer will return to his role as Deputy Mayor, appreciating his desire to stay on and his extensive knowledge of ongoing projects.

Despite not releasing the final vote counts, the Allen County Democratic Party noted Tucker’s lead in both voting rounds. The initial round required 47 ballots for a win, resulting in the following vote distribution: Sharon Tucker: 38, Phil GiaQuinta: 30, Stephanie Crandall: 10, Austin Knox: 9, Michelle Chambers: 3, Jorge Fernandez: 1, Palermo Galindo: 0.

After the first round, Galindo and Fernandez were eliminated, and Chambers and Knox withdrew, leading to Tucker securing over 50% of the votes in the second round and clinching the victory.

With a clear mandate and broad support, Mayor Sharon Tucker is set to lead Fort Wayne through a period of growth and transformation, ensuring that the city continues to thrive and reflect the values of its diverse population.

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