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This is a free contest provided by The Waynedale News and sponsored by Englewood Heath & Rehab for the promotion of the Waynedale, Indiana community. Create and submit a piece of artwork resembling your favorite Waynedale landmark, no larger than 1 foot and a half by 1 foot and a half and be entered to win a top prize of a $50 Gift Certificate from Don Hall’s Restaurants. Englewood Heath & Rehab residents will choose the best three drawings, paintings or mixed media. In addition to top prize, second and third place will receive Scott’s Food Store gift certificates. Submissions must be postmarked or dropped off by April 5, 2010.


Contest entries may be submitted by person or mail: Please include your name, address and phone number with your entry.
The Waynedale News
2700 Lower Huntington Road
Fort Wayne, IN 46809
Englewood Heath & Rehab
2237 Engle Road
Fort Wayne, IN 46809
For more information please call (260) 747-4535 / (260) 747-2353

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