“I thought I heard a scraping sound,” mumbled Tommy to his buddy, Lance. Lance looked upward to the cave wall and in a quivering voice said, “Did you see that?” “What?” whispered Tommy. “That moving shadow on the cave wall?”  Both boys stayed perfectly still. They were shaking as they looked at this huge shadow on the cave wall that moved!

“Lets get out of here!” yelled Lance.

Both boys turned in the dark cave and crawled out.

Tommy and Lance had been friends for several years. They used to play together when they were ten and were neighbors. They looked somewhat alike and both enjoyed hiking and exploring.

“Remember the time we discovered a coin on the river bank?” laughed Tommy.

Lance was occupied looking at a softly chirping bird in a nearby tree.

“Oh, yea” was his haphazard reply.

“You’re not even listening to me,” said Tommy. “Don’t you remember the old coin we found on the river bank?”

“You mean the one we thought was an old pirate coin?”

“That’s the one.”

“How about exploring tomorrow? We haven’t done that in a long time,” suggested Lance.

“Where do you want to explore? Lets pick a place where we haven’t been. How about further down beyond the bend in the river?” he continued.”

“Oh you must mean by the old shack at Pirates Cove? Remember that old sign that read, “Keep out or you’re a goner!” Local folks refer to it as “Pirates’ Cove.” My dad told me that the river was called “Navajo River” by the Indians who lived there long ago. When the Indians left or were chased out, pirates sailed up the river with their booty.

“It was right around Pirates’ Cove that we found the coin right? It had writing on it and a face of an Indian. Maybe it was an old irate coin.

“There aren’t any pirates stuff around here anymore. I can just see it now. Their ships landed with silver and gold sailing silently up the river to this cove and slipped out of sight. Maybe we’ll find another coin.”

“Aren’t you getting a bit ahead of yourself? Your imagination is running wild! Let’s plan to search then further down the river tomorrow afternoon around 1. This time bring a shovel. Wear your old grubbies. I’ll bring my shovel too and…maybe some drinks.”

The boys parted for home.

“See you tomorrow, Lance.”

“Can’t wait,” said Tommy to himself.

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