(A column, whereas, you the reader may ask questions about camping, cooking, hunting, fishing, or other questions about living in our Great Waynedale Outdoors.)



Q–What kind of gun do I have to use to go deer hunting in Indiana?

A-You have your choice of shotguns, handguns, center-fire rifles of specific cartridge dimensions, muzzle loading handguns, and muzzle loading long guns.


Q–When is deer season?

A-Early Archery Season is from October 1st through the end of Firearms Season and Firearms Season is from the first Saturday after Veteran’s Day (which is November 11) and runs for 16 days making the season November 14th through November 29th.


Q–How much does a deer hunting license cost?

A-Each license costs $24 for an Indiana resident and $150 for a non-resident. In addition, the second  and subsequent Bonus Anterless license cost $15 for residents and $24 for non-residents.


Q–What size Dutch oven should I buy?

A-It would depend on how many are in your camping party but for all around cooking needs I would choose a #12 (deep) Dutch oven in the LODGE brand. These are sold at Cabelas stores and are available at any Boy Scout store or can be ordered from any Boy Scout catalog. Lodge now has ‘pre-seasoned’ cast iron cookware, which eliminates the pain of seasoning it yourself.


Q–How do I ditch a tent?

A-With the new tents having waterproof bottoms sewn in, there is no need to ditch any new tent. If you have an old tent without a floor it might require ditching but remember it is against most campground rules to ditch tents.


Q–Where can I find a good book on camping?

A-Look for a used Boy Scout handbook or go to the Boy Scout store in Fort Wayne and buy one; they also have books on family camping.


We suggest that everyone get a copy of Indiana’s hunting and fishing regulations from most any place that sells hunting/fishing license for more detailed rules and regulations. Please e-mail all questions reguarding Waynedale outdoors to: News@waynedalenews.com.

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