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Fort Wayne Community Schools will reinstate 75 teaching positions cut earlier this year when budget conditions were uncertain. With the approval of a state budget on June 30, the district’s financial picture is becoming clearer, allowing the reinstatement of the majority of positions cut in April.


“We promised that as soon as we knew our financial position, we would start bringing teachers back into the classroom,” Superintendent Wendy Robinson said. “The picture is still not crystal clear, but we are confident that we can move forward with returning 75 teachers to our schools.”

In March, FWCS eliminated 49 positions, which will not be reinstated. An additional 88 positions were cut a month later as concerns grew about the state budget. With 75 of those positions being reinstated, 13 positions remain cut with the potential for being brought back. A decision on those positions will be made as district officials review enrollments at each school and determine the district’s needs.

FWCS must still maintain the original cuts from March because the increase in funding from the state in 2010 and 2011 is not enough to keep up with rising costs.

Teachers who were laid off at the end of the school year will be eligible for the reinstated positions based on processes detailed in the master contract, district policy and state law, including having the certification necessary for the open positions.

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