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Five years ago, the Indiana High School Athletic Association asked principals to share their top concerns about the state of high school athletics today. Sportsmanship topped the list as the number one challenge. To address the important issue, the IHSAA developed a sportsmanship program unlike any other in the country. An important part of the program is the IHSAA Sportsmanship Award. This award is presented to Indiana high schools that met or exceeded certain sportsmanship criteria supplied by the IHSAA during the given school year.

Of the 407 eligible high schools in the state of Indiana, just 92 qualified for this extremely prestigious award for the 2007-08 school year. It is IHSAA’s honor to announce that Bishop Luers High School is a recipient of this outstanding honor. But this is much more than just a school award. This honor extends to our entire community because you, our fans, are a very important part of building a positive and supportive atmosphere.

IHSAA is pleased to unveil a commemorative banner to permanently serve as a tribute to the good sportsmanship, citizenship and character displayed by Bishop Luers High School and its fans last year. This banner will always hang proudly in our gym and serve as a reminder to every team, athlete, coach and fan that enters this gymnasium of the importance of practicing good sportsmanship and fair play.

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