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Festivities began at 2:00 pm in the dining room of Lutheran Home’s Health and Rehabilitation Center, 6701 South Anthony Blvd, Fort Wayne.
Staff, volunteers, family members and friends honored the following centenarians, three of whom will be turning the magic number of 100 later this year.

Anna Rodewald
106 years old
September 17, 1903
Played golf, bowled, a member of her church for 75 years, and an active volunteer for Lutheran Home.

Irene Burgoon-Mensalvas
105 years old
January 17, 1904
At 18 years old was voted the prettiest girl in the state of Indiana.

Mildred Bridge
103 years old
June 21, 1906
Was an RN at Lutheran Hospital – active in her church.

Charlotte Grace
103 years old
December 12, 1906
Played golf until she was 80 years old, and has a fantastic sense of humor.

Violet Boveine
102 years old
February 12, 1907
Was in retail sales at Franks, Stillman’s, Howard’s, and worked until she was 80 years old. Violet was an avid card player.

Lena Shearer
102 years old
May 17, 1907
Lena was a teacher and loves being with children at the Children’s Village.

Ralph Hine
101 years old
August 30, 1908
Served in WW II and spent time in seven countries. He worked at Waynedale Lumber.

Helen Pequignot
101 years old
September 01, 1908
Worked at GE for 32 years, retired in 1973 at 65 years old. Helen’s life-long passion was ice skating.

Alice Zimmerman
101 years old
September 24, 1908
Graduated from Business College and worked as a secretary at GE. Alice loved ballroom dancing.

Fred Buuck
100 years old
May 26, 1909
Served on an aircraft carrier in the Navy during WW II. They crossed the time zone on May 25th, and when Fred woke up the next morning it was May 27th…so he missed his birthday.

Evelyn Gehring
100 years old   
December 21, 1909
Was a secretary and a long standing member of Bethlehem Lutheran Church.

Lucille Thieme
100 years old
November 12, 1909
Is an avid reader and enjoys visiting with others.

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