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The latest severe weather and its effects help bring home the message that disasters are the great equalizer. They impact everyone, no matter what their socioeconomic circumstances are.

Today in our community people from all walks of life are saying, ‘I never really knew what it was like to be cold.’ The fact of the matter is, many in our community live every day hungry, cold, unemployed, uninsured, homeless. Community Harvest Food Bank along with many other organizations in northeast Indiana have been working since the recent storm hit to help feed and shelter those who are without power.

So far, CHFB has supplied 3,000 pounds of food to Chef Joseph Humphrey at the Allen County War Memorial Coliseum charged with preparing food for those without power living in Red Cross shelters in the area. Sunday afternoon Chef Joseph came to Community Harvest and picked out fresh vegetables, chicken, rice, dairy products, venison, etc. to prepare good nutritious meals for those living in those shelters.

Jane Avery, CHFB Executive Director, went to the Coliseum over the weekend to meet with Chef Joseph and the Red Cross to coordinate efforts. “Kudos to Chef Joseph and the Red Cross,” said Avery. “I’ve worked a lot of disasters and normally the food is more like cold cuts and PB&J sandwiches. But, by far Chef Joseph has gone all out with wonderfully good and nutritious food! Hearty stews, fresh fruits and vegetables…just the best spread I’ve ever seen! And, I’m so proud that Community Harvest Food Bank is there to help.”

On Saturday, the regular Saturday morning food distribution line was well over 400 people at Community Harvest. They waited over 2 hours in icy weather to get food to feed their families. For people that are already struggling adding weather related problems just further complicates their stressful lives.

The non-discriminatory effects of a disaster come into full focus during times such as these and Community Harvest is privileged to have the generous support of this community to help lend aid to those in need in northeast Indiana.

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