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Peters Body Shop, in business in Waynedale for 20 years, has created a display that brings the Christmas spirit to the area. About five years ago they placed a miniature replica of the famous display from downtown of four reindeer pulling Santa in his sleigh. The lead reindeer has Rudolph’s red nose and an electric control creates the image of motion. The display, measuring over 40 feet in length and eight feet in height, can be seen at Sandpoint Road from vehicles traveling north on Bluffton Road.

Building on the enthusiastic response from that first display led to the next year’s display, a 20-foot Christmas tree on the roof of their main building. Gerry Albert, aided in the completion of the display and has also aided with the erection of other Christmas displays in the area.

Another success demanded an even larger tree the next year but difficulties arose in getting the larger tree to the roof, so the tree was moved to the ground.

Each year local residents provide the tree, which is decorated with used CD’s, that create nice shiny ornaments.

This year the tree, a 30-foot Blue Spruce, was provided by Mike Oetting of Summit Sweeping Services.

There are so many lights that a special circuit had to be used to light them all.

Peters’ wishes to thank those who have provided the volunteer labor for this project, through which they can say, “Merry Christmas” to the community.

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