Every year I get a lot of request for live trees such as blue spruce or Douglas fir to be used as indoor Christmas trees. Some things you need to know first are that those outdoor trees can not be kept inside for very long and must be planted outside immediately after Christmas. Keeping the plant in the warmth for more than 5 days is crippling to the tree and causes it to soften to the point that extreme cold weather will kill it.

In preparation for your tree to be placed into the ground after Christmas you should first dig a hole that is larger than necessary. It is a good idea to put all of the loose soil into a wheelbarrow so that you can keep it from freezing by rolling it into the garage or storage shed. After purchasing your potted tree, keep it outside on the porch and decorate it with lights or any other water-resistant decorations. Enjoy your tree as an outdoor item until just before Santa arrives, at which time you can move the tree inside for only a few days.

As soon as possible, get that plant back out in the cold where it will be happy. It may be advisable at first to put the tree into the garage for a few days to gradually prepare it for the cold of outdoors. It really depends on the weather at the time. If the temperature is moderately mild, than plant the tree immediately. It is also good to know that all of your plants on the outside like to go into winter on the moist side so be sure to water all of your plants now and your potted tree at the time you plant it. Wilt-Pruf or Cloud Cover should be sprayed on many of your outside plants to “lock-in” the moisture and protect your plants from the dry, winter winds.

The Waynedale News Staff

Doug Hackbarth - Broadview Florist & Greenhouses

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