Recognizing the increased use of bicycles in Fort Wayne, I’m asking for feedback to make our city more bicycle-friendly. Henry asks residents to complete a survey about their bicycle use and where they might like to see bike lanes or bike-friendly paths.

In addition to the survey, a team of City employees is evaluating locations that might be suitable for bicycle lanes while continuing to invest in existing and additional multiuse trails.

The surveys ask questions about riding frequencies, challenges bicyclists face, locations for bike lanes or paths, where bicyclists currently ride and where they’d like to ride. I encourage all cyclists to complete either survey by November 17.

“If you’re a casual weekend bike rider, a dedicated bicycle commuter or even someone who is just thinking about riding, we need to hear from you. I know I’ve noticed so many more people using their bicycles downtown and throughout Fort Wayne this summer, and riders want safe routes. We’ve been successful in the ongoing expansion of our trail network in Fort Wayne, but the time is now to look at ways to incorporate bicycles into our other transportation plans.”

Results from the survey, which will be released after the first of the year, will be used for a bicycle transportation plan for Fort Wayne. Locations for bike lanes have not been established, but City staff members have already started to look at areas that may be ready for such features with minor modifications.

Bike paths are about connectivity, connecting people to work, parks, shopping, library branches and schools. We want this to be a well-designed plan that fits the needs of people who use bicycles as transportation as well as recreation.

We also plan to host some bicycle forums to gain additional public input. Those will be announced at a later date.

The Waynedale News Staff

The Waynedale News Staff

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