Chloe woke up and smiled. It was her 7th birthday, and she was very happy. It was a Friday in October and she was jumpy. She wanted many things. A CD player, a new bedding set, a Barbie playhouse and a baby doll that cried. But what she absolutely would love to have, was a kitten. Her dad, Martin, was allergic to cats and Chloe didn’t like that fact.

It would be a long day at school so Chloe got ready. She wore her favorite pink blouse with white leggings down to her knees. To finish off her fabulous look, she topped it off with a white knit hat that had jewels everywhere. While putting on lip gloss she walked out of the room. She grabbed her backpack and called, “Bye, I’m walking to the bus!”

“Okay Sweetie, Happy Birth Day!” her mom called back from her room.

Chloe didn’t expect a fancy breakfast and a happy birthday with a ride to school like a normal family. She was pretty laid back about everything and so was her Mom. She would just get a breakfast snack at school. She skipped down the road and waved to Mr. Carson. At the bus stop everyone greeted her.

“Hi Chloe, Happy Birthday”

“Morning Chloe! Happy Birthday to you!”

Chloe smiled said, “Thank you.” Everyone climbed onto the bus and Chloe sat by her friend Lizzie.

“Happy day,” Chloe said, and then she frowned, “Something’s wrong, you seem sad.”

Carson shrugged and said her stomach hurt. When Chloe got to school she walked into her classroom and did her morning work. She then went to special area, had snack and then off to Math class. She answered many questions too. She went outside and had freetime, she came back in to do a science experiment. She also had a spelling test. After lunch they did more work.

At the end of the day Chloe sighed, “I want to go home so I can celebrate.”

Soon enough the bell rang and her teacher lined them up to go to busses. Walking out of the hall Chloe thought, “I won’t get what I truly want.”

Chloe saw her bus and waved good-by to Mrs.Caliback. She sat in the same seat as this morning and talked to Lizzie. The bus came to her stop and she ran home. While opening the door, her mom shouted, “Happy Birthday!”

Everyone she loved was there. Many presents were in the kitchen and her dad looked at her smiling, “I am so happy for you, you’re seven!”

“Yes, dad, I wish I could have a cat so much. It is terrible that you are allergic.”

Her dad, Martin, sighed, “No cats in this house.”

Chloe looked up, “Oh, I know.”

She went to the table and sat down. The cake was lit and everybody sang happy b-day.

“Make a wish!”

So she did, “I wish I get a kitten!” she thought, blowing out the candles.

“Now we open presents!” called mother. The first present was from Uncle Mike. She received a new Barbie. Next Grandma and Papa’s, she got a dollhouse. Chloe was very happy. Opening Aunt Mary’s she got a CD player. Next from her friend Lilly she got a baby doll. One present was left, the one from mom and dad but it wasn’t in the room.

“One second.” said dad.

Then, he brought in a cage with a purple sheet over it.

Chloe smiled, “Let me take the sheet off!”

And there it was! A black kitten.

“Hi Midnight!” she screamed!

“That’s your name, Midnight.” “Thank you Mother, and most of all, thank you Father.”

The Waynedale News Staff

Lauren Britt

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