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Can you imagine having a totally Stress Free day in our society? Well, you’re in luck! We are having an open house at Nill Family Chiropractic & Massage Therapy Center on Friday, November 21st and Saturday November 22nd from 10am to 7pm. Please feel free to bring the entire family and friends and experience FREE “tastes” of the many different therapies offered here.

As you come in to the building, you will find yourself in another world. Close your eyes and listen to the soothing sounds of water falling throughout our facility. Take time to enjoy our enchanting front reception area with our many Wellness products. Next, prepare yourself for a rejuvenation journey and start out with a demonstration of one of the newest technologies called Anodyne Therapy. Here, Dr. Nill will explain how he uses this wonderful tool to treat his patients who suffer from feet and hand pain/numbness/tingling or de-sensitization (normally found with Diabetic Neuropathy).

Next, Dr. Nill will educate you on chiropractic and demonstrate some “techniques” he uses on a day-by-day basis. Then, find yourself with Brenda who will demonstrate what she does with her Organic Facials and an ionic footbath on you. You will look and feel younger again! Then see Gary who will perform his elector-acupuncture. Now follow me downstairs where we have the Santa’s Workshop for the kids. Let your children play and be creative while you relax! Take a moment to get a Hot Lava Shell massage in our Dual massage room by some of best Massage Therapists in the State! Take “five” in our breakroom and enjoy the complementary Wellness snacks available from a Healthy Chocolate fountain to our Pineapple tree! Next, come back upstairs to find Susan who will relieve your pain with her reflexology. And finally finish up with Thai Floor stretching with Tiffany. We will also have a few random surprises for treatments so make sure you go through all the rooms. Also, bring your Insurance card to see if any of these services are covered.

Take advantage of our one day only deals which will be a special of a lifetime! We will also be having drawings for door prizes and many more FREE giveaways! So tell all your friends and relatives to take advantage of this once in a lifetime opportunity!

We are located west of Best Buy in the Professional Park West office park (not Park West) across from Neuheuser Garden Shop at 4606 W. Jefferson Blvd. Fort Wayne, IN 46804.

Give us a call at 459-2205 and we will help you get here!


Thank you and

Have a Healthy Day!

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