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From the dirt work to the brick work, Bluffton Park Apartments moves forward.
From the dirt work to the brick work, Bluffton Park Apartments moves forward.
Heller Development Corporation plans to open the first units by January of 09


Mark Heller, Owner of Heller Development Corporation, is from Convoy, Ohio. He attended Crestview High School, graduating in 1978, and subsequently attended IPFW where he earned a degree in Manufacturing Technology. Heller’s father was in the tool and die business, and Mark’s first job out of college was at Fort Wayne Wire Die.

Mark said, “The tool and die industry was interesting, but I needed a career that would allow me to be out doing things. Sitting in one spot was an impossibility for me.” It was around this time that Mark discovered a keen interest in land development, and after receiving his real-estate license he teamed up with an Amish builder and began his career in the building industry.

While on his second building project, Mark met a young title agent named Shelley Peters. They were married on September 19, 1987. Today the Heller’s have 4 sons; David, Harrison, Riley, and Spencer. Each of the boys has an interest in the business, and the doting parents are kept busy with actively participating in their children’s educations, as well as running the family business.

Heller Development is involved in a number of projects around town. Mark and Shelley have invested in strip malls, condos and rental homes. Many of the rental homes built by Heller Development carry a special leasing arrangement called “Rent to Buy” in which the person renting may decide to have a new home built. Mark said, “We can apply past rent towards the purchase of a new home, so the money they have already paid can be used as a down payment on a totally new residence. It is an arrangement that allows prior renters to become home owners.”

The new Bluffton Park Apartments being constructed at Bluffton Road and St. Louis Avenue are two-story brick & vinyl clad units with special sound proofing between upstairs and downstairs apartments. The buildings are designed towards senior living with special discounts for seniors who sign up prior to the January 2009 grand opening date. Shelley Heller will manage the complex. For more information, call Heller Development Corporation at 403-4499 or 449-9486.

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