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I am Kayla Sylvester. I just turned seven years old. I am in second grade at Oak View Elementary School. Lloy Ball, an Olympic volleyball player came into my second grade class because my classmate Jill, his niece, invited him to talk to us about the Olympics.


Lloy Ball won a gold medal in volleyball. His medal felt like a solid rock. It was very thick. It had a white circle around it. When he was awarded his medal, he sang the National Anthem. One year he didn’t sing and his mother told him he must sing to honor the people who helped our country.

This year the Olympics was in China. When he got to China, first he had to check in. When you check in you get a key chain. And there are over 2000 coke machines! In the coke machines there are computer chips and when they “see” the chain walking past, the Coke machine will let you get a drink. And then you get to pick your own drink and enjoy it for free. For each country there was a fence around their rooms. In the main room, like a living room, there were tables with games they could play. Each athlete got their own bed.

Lloy tried to win an Olympic medal three times. Then his son said, “Try one more time – you can do it!” So he did and he won a gold medal.

I really enjoyed Lloy Ball’s talk with us. Seeing the gold medal was my favorite part because I have never seen a real Olympic gold medal before. Lloy was awesome!

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