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Front row: Carol Ann (Lee) Winans, Delores (Moser) Schlenger, Pat (Sorlie) Heckley, Carolyn (DeBolt) Yager and Norma Jean (DeBolt) Ploughe.
Front row: Carol Ann (Lee) Winans, Delores (Moser) Schlenger, Pat (Sorlie) Heckley, Carolyn (DeBolt) Yager and Norma Jean (DeBolt) Ploughe.
How it began:
Fifty years ago in September a group of young women, mostly Ossian High School graduates, decided to form a club. This club had its roots in a similar group, which started in the 1940s in Yoder, Indiana; it included the mothers (Evelyn Moser and Ruby DeBolt) of five of the current members.


What they decided to do:

The meetings were to be on the first Tuesday of every month. They named themselves “The Twelve Bells” because the party usually broke up about midnight. They played a dice game (indoor golf) and later Dominoes and card games. The dues were 50 cents and the hostess took $5.00 to buy four prizes. This all increased as the years went by. They also had secret pals who remembered all of their special days.


How their families grew:

This same group has been there for each other through all of their family changes. Thirty-five children were born to the members. Sixty-nine grandchildren and now eight great grandchildren have started a new generation.

They have helped each other through the loss of one member, Barbara (Hiser) Clark, in the 1960s three member’s husband’s and all of our parents. One member, Joyce (Corn) Hadley moved to Lebanon, Indiana but still keeps in touch.


Fun memories:

Special times include wonderful weekends at the lake. Our parents stepped in to babysit so we could all have some fun together. There were some great New Year’s and Christmas parties and sometimes a summer cookout. We could always find lots to talk about and lots to laugh about.


How the club has changed:

Since most of the members are now retired they now meet during the day. They all go out to lunch and then meet at a member’s house. The subject of their conversations has changed a bit too. It went from comparing notes about our homes and child rearing to our grandchildren and now health issues and what the future holds for us.


What club has meant to us:

It has been so special to have such good and loyal friends. They are there for us to celebrate all the good things and to help and pray for us when things go wrong. It doesn’t seem possible that 50 years have gone by so quickly. What wonderful memories we have!

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