Thru the deep waters, my Jesus is there
Walking beside me, and ready to share
When troubles swirl over me, He’ll understand
He’ll lend compassion, and He’ll hold my hand.


Life without sorrows, one cannot ask
But only for strength to equal the task
Through heavy the burden, through thorny life’s road
The Savior is there to lighten the load.


At times, I grow weary and even ask why?
My faith starts to waver, I cannot deny
But despair; that I will not, for Jesus is mine
Amid life’s dark shadows, the sun shall still shine.


Thru the deep waters, when I’m asked to go
They shall not engulf me, this I do know
I need not be fearful with Him at my side
Jesus will save me from the swift, flowing tide.


Thru the deep waters, my Savior shall stay
Close by my side for the whole Journey’s way.
He’ll brig me in safety to that golden shore,
Where trials and troubles can reach me no more.

The Waynedale News Staff
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Harriet Stennfeld

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