So when was the last time you got a haircut? Last week? Last month? Try 32 years ago! And for Marcus Marquart, he only got that one because his Dad asked him to for his Senior pictures.

This haircut was also for a member of Marcus’ family. Make that two members of his family, his sisters Sarah Noble and Wendy Walsh. Both of them passed from breast cancer and Marcus was determined to do something very special as a memorial for them.

The smile never left Marcus‚ face the moment he entered Beautiful You Hair Salon on Bluffton Road on Thursday, August 28. It almost seemed as if stylist Vonell Pursifull was more nervous than Marcus himself. She carefully unbraided the 32 inches of hair, washed and then dried one long section after the other.

As a small group of family and friends looked on, Vonell gathered up the long, beautiful, shiny hair into one last ponytail. The sharpened scissors worked its way through his hair until the whole purpose of the visit was complete.

This precious gift from Marcus Marquart has now become a donation to the LOCKS OF LOVE organization. LOCKS OF LOVE provides vacuum fitted hairpieces to financially disadvantaged children suffering from long-term medical hair loss from any diagnosis. The children may have suffered severe burns, injuries, endured radiation treatment or have a medical condition called alopecia areata, which has no known cause or cure.


LOCKS OF LOVE which began in 1998, provides the prostheses to children, ages 6-18, every 18 months for a total of up to 8 hairpieces. These hairpieces require between 6-10 ponytails and take approximately 4-6 months to manufacture. For more information visit their website at www.locksoflove.org.

Marcus had been planning on cutting his hair for LOCKS OF LOVE and when a customer from his business, Marquart’s Custom Creations, donated $500 for the cause, Marcus decided it was time to make an appointment. Through friends and customers, Marcus not only has this long lock of love to send, but also $1500 to go along with it.

Stop by Marcus’ shop located at 3418 McArthur Dr. if you are interested in seeing this lock of love before he sends it off to the organization. Take a look around his shop and see pictures of his award winning custom and original interiors for autos, marine, aviation and commercial vehicles. Monetary donations, which are tax deductible, will be gladly accepted.

You’ve made your family, friends and all of Waynedale proud of you Marcus. Your sisters, Sarah and Wendy, are touched by this unselfish kindness in their memory. And there is a child out there somewhere just waiting to feel the warmth of your locks of love!

The Waynedale News Staff
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