In early 2008 the vision for the Waynedale Green Alliance began to take shape as a clear cut example to serve as a pilot project to ‘green’ historic Waynedale. Our plan was to invite collaboration with existing entities that worked along the same lines, such as the Little Rivers Wetland Project, Friends of the Parks, and what used to be the Green Ribbon Commission of the greater Fort Wayne area. Along the way, a great many concerns and options have been brought to our attention.

The beautification of Waynedale through a tree-planting program, the lack of a solid trail plan for the Waynedale area, the idea for a local food movement in Waynedale and the idea of Hill ‘O’ Beans Coffee Shop owner, George Webber, to set up reusable cups in order to save resources and recycle. We have also been informed about the lack of recycling in area apartment complexes. Something, we learned upon research through the Allen County Solid Waste office is city wide. We also were given information about the necessity for garden planning. One resident of Indian Village who runs a day care wrote to voice her concern about the lack of safe areas to walk in Waynedale. Green business development has been brought to the fore, as well.

Indianapolis, Indiana houses the group. Keep Indianapolis Beautiful. Fort Wayne does not have a similar organization, although with the future downtown revitalization construction a Keep Fort Wayne Beautiful organization might be worth a look. Fort Wayne, at present, also does not have any true organization that is seeking to beautify or green the area. This is one topic where Fort Wayne needs to take a lesson from our capital to the south.

The Waynedale Green Alliance plan to invite collaboration with existing entities like, neighborhood churches and local merchants as we work toward “greening” Waynedale is actively in place. Our goal is to take an apolitical, positive approach toward encouraging people to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle.

We expect to serve as a clearinghouse for environmental resources as well as a forum for discussion and learning.

Many local citizens, and businesses are recycling. The Bleakney Family uses an aluminum can program in their home as an incentive for their kid’s allowance. They also faithfully recycle their waste weekly. Ephriam Smiley, founder of the Garden Angels project recycles old bikes into plows for his community gardens and Frank, a well-known Waynedaler, has recycled Waynedale metal and appliances for decades.

Recently, the Waynedale Green Alliance made their first public appearance at the annual Waynedale Picnic. We were able to distribute recycled grocery bags from Indiana and Michigan Power, WasteWatchers from Allen County Solid Waste and discuss various environmental interests with the residents of Waynedale.

And, we were asked a very important question by Robert Stark, the owner of the Waynedale News.

What does the Waynedale Green Alliance seek to accomplish?


Here are our goals.

We hope to explore the possibility of the Waynedale community serving as a pilot neighborhood for the greater Fort Wayne area as a community that is dedicated to greener living and in so doing develop the Waynedale area’s economic and cultural appeal.


How do we plan to accomplish this lofty goal?

First, by reaching out to the vast accumulated knowledge that exists in the minds and hearts of the Waynedale citizenry. Waynedale residents, businesses, churches, schools, and other community groups all have ideas about the environment. We want to bring that knowledge together under one roof.

Second, A Brewster Smythe Concepts has developed a Green ABC’s Flash Card program that will be making its debut this fall. We hope to reach kids and the adults in their lives by sharing a ‘green’ vocabulary.

And, third, a series of discussion forums are being developed that will take place at the Waynedale Public Library. These discussion forums will touch upon every aspect of greener living, and we want Waynedale to bring their knowledge to these forums in order to get to the heart of the best ways to help Waynedale ‘go green’.


The Waynedale Green Alliance is not a marketing ploy. It seems that lots of businesses are ‘going green’. Although greener living should serve to impact economically and bring profit to the Waynedale area, the first challenge is to convince Waynedale citizens that green is for the betterment of our health, our planet, but most of all our future generations.

However, the bottom line for any thriving business community is profit and greener living has a concrete profit motive. On October 24-26 the Waynedale Green Alliance will be appearing at the Good Life Show at Memorial Coliseum along with other community green leaders such as; Fun 101.7 WLDE, WANE TV, Green City, Fort Wayne, Indiana, Northeast Indiana Green Build Coalition, and Indiana Living Green.

We invite area businesses to contact the Waynedale Green Alliance to discuss how they can contribute to the ‘greening’ of Waynedale. The WGA seeks to help area green businesses to become truly green and to offer green products and services to the public. The WGA also seeks to develop more efficient energy, recycling, and transportation methods to support Waynedale businesses.


The time is now to ‘go green’. Come, join our cause!

The Waynedale News Staff

April Brewster Smythe

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