As the Summer moves along, we at the Wayne Township Trustee’s office continue to strive to provide the best possible service to our clients in the most cost effective way for the taxpayers.

As we all know, property tax supported local governmental units are facing more and more budget challenges. Yet even in these difficult economic times, Wayne Township is charged by law to help those in need.

During the past year, I have implemented new policies and programs that allow us to continue to serve our clients with the knowledge that we will have less tax dollars available. I recently reported to the Allen County Commissioners about some of the cost savings measures we have undertaken and wanted to report them to you too.

I have written before about the employment program we have established to help our clients find jobs. We require clients, who are able to work, to participate in the employment program at the risk of losing their assistance.

We conduct mandatory job training for clients every Wednesday morning. After my report to the Commissioners, Commissioner Nelson Peters came to our office to observe the job training program.

I am proud to announce that during the first five months of this year our employment program found jobs for 87 of our clients.

In addition to our employment program, we have updated our Eligibility Standards. These updated standards allow us to provide Township Assistance to those clients who need our help, while limiting assistance to persons who have been coming to our office month after month and year after year.

One of the most significant changes limits the amount of shelter assistance clients are eligible to receive. Among the other changes we have made is capping the amount of money we will pay on clients’ utility bills.

At the beginning of this year, we adopted updated personnel policies in an effort to be fair to employees and save the Township money. When I took office, I found that the Township had paid, pursuant to its Personnel Policies, significant amounts of money for unused vacation, personal and sick days to persons leaving their employment with the Township.

Under our revised Personnel Polices, employees will use their vacation and personal days during the calendar year. We also are offering our employees the opportunity to take additional vacation days this Summer without pay, and several employees have expressed an interest in taking advantage of this voluntary program.

Even with the cost savings measures we already have taken, our Township continues to face budget challenges and we continue to work to meet those challenges.


Richard A. Stevenson, Sr.


Wayne Township Trustee

The Waynedale News Staff

Richard A. Stevenson, Sr.

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