City Utilities focuses on water filtration plant improvements on City TV


Fort Wayne’s water quality and the improvements being made at the water filtration plant and St. Joe Dam will be the topic of the July and August “Bringing the Basics To You” program on City TV, shown on Comcast’s Channel 58 and Verizon’s Channel 28.

Water Filtration Plan lab manager Vicky Zehr will discuss the quality assurance program used at the plant to ensure that Fort Wayne’s drinking water meets or is better than state and federal standards require. The plant tests regularly for more than 120 water contaminants. Testing is done before, during and after the water is treated.

City Utilities is spending more than $24 million dollars on electrical improvements and other reliability projects at the downtown plant and at the St. Joe Dam. City Utilities Planning and Design Manager Mark Gensic will give a video tour of those projects as part of the program.

The program will air at 7:30 a.m. Friday and 5 p.m. Sunday.

Three partnerships, other organizations not meeting in July

The Northeast, Northwest and Southwest Area Partnerships will not meet in July. The monthly neighborhood association presidents meeting and Community Service Council also do not have meetings scheduled for this month.


Mayor announces board, commission appointments


I recently announced the following mayoral appointments to these boards and commissions:

Historic Preservation Review Board: Tim Domer, replacing Larry Wardlaw

Citizens Appeals Board: Matt Coffman, Julie Morrison

Housing and Neighborhood Development Services: Kumar Menon, replacing Mark Becker, Andy Downs, replacing Maynard Scales, Karan Flick, Jeremy Senk reappointed

Humane Education Advisory Council: Peggy Bender, Diana Fair, Karen Nagel reappointed

Internal Audit: Kathy Miller reappointed

Police Merit Commission: Rufus Hamilton reappointed

Cable Access Fund: Rebecca Karcher, replacing Pat Roller


I thank the outgoing members for their service and the new and continuing members for their time commitment to the betterment of the City and community. Our boards and commissions are an integral part of local government. I commend these community leaders for their willingness to serve.

The Waynedale News Staff

The Waynedale News Staff

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