Two really important dates are coming up soon. The first is Primary Election Day on Tuesday, when we will select candidates for leaders of our country, state and some local offices. I want to encourage all of you to make sure your voice is heard by voting on Tuesday.

The other important day is May 11, a day we set aside to honor Mothers. I will be taking time on that day to remember my Mother, as well as my Grandmother and Aunt, who were so special to me.

I also will be joining my sons and grandchildren on Mother’s Day in honoring their mother and grandmother, my wonderful wife, Carol. Please remember on Mother’s Day to thank the mothers and others who have guided and helped you throughout your life.

I was very impressed recently about a story one of my staff related to me regarding a mother, who is one of our clients. She realizes that she must turn her life around for the sake of her son. This lady has had problems finding employment, possibly because of her prior felony convictions.

This client is so enthusiastic about our employment program and has so much hope she will be able to find a job with the job skills she is learning. She told my staff member that our employment readiness program “uplifts my spirits.”

One thing this client really likes about our employment program is that the Wayne Township staff is involved and cares about helping our clients obtain employment. She sees the helping and caring attitude of our staff when several staff members join the clients at the Wednesday employment meetings to relay job tips and encourage the clients.

This lady is one of a large group of our clients, about thirty-five to forty, who have been participating in our weekly employment readiness program. They learn job and interviewing skills and receive other information to help them achieve success.

Other clients, in addition to the lady mentioned above, have complimented the Wayne Township staff on the help the clients are receiving in our employment program. I know how hard my staff is working on our employment initiative, and we really appreciate when a client takes time out to acknowledge our efforts.

I certainly hope all of our clients are able to benefit from the employment program and can ultimately achieve self-sufficiency.

The Waynedale Memorial Day parade is only a few weeks away. My staff and I are looking forward to participating in the parade again this year. I hope to see you there!


Richard A. Stevenson, Sr.


Wayne Township Trustee

The Waynedale News Staff

Richard A. Stevenson, Sr.

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