Nearly three years ago, Bette Statz was driving by the Curves for Women located at 5909 Bluffton Road, saw the sign, and was curious as to what this place offered. She decided to stop in, check it out and has been a member ever since.

Recently, Bette’s friends at Curves celebrated her 90 years young birthday with special recognition. Coming 3 times a week, Bette manages to fit her workouts in among her other hobbies including bowling, bridge club and playing golf 2 times a week in the summer.

Bette looks forward to coming to Curves. She says it gives her more energy. She has even lost 15 pounds since she made the Curves workout part of her life. “The people and staff are friendly and so nice, and I can go at my own pace. It just makes me feel better,” Bette stated.

Bette is the proud mother of five children, eleven grandchildren and “almost” three great-grandchildren. Her family recently hosted a birthday celebration open house at the Botanical Gardens, a place where Bette often volunteers her time.

Bette loves to travel and enjoyed a recent trip to Ireland with some of her children. Having parts of her family living in Florida, Georgia and Virginia, Bette is able to visit the family and vacation at the same time.

Serving the community has always been a part of Bette’s life. In her “younger” days she was active in the Rosary Sodality at Saint Joseph Catholic Church on Brooklyn Avenue. Presently, Bette volunteers as a substitute driver delivering homebound meals.

When Bette was asked how she always tries to live her life she responded, “Give where you can, help where you can, and it will always come back to you in a different way.”

Your friends at Curves salute you, Bette, as you begin the 90th year of your amazing life. You are loved, admired, and cherished by those whose lives you touch each and every day!

Next time you drive by the Curves in Waynedale, stop in and check us out. If you’re lucky, you might even get to meet Bette Statz, a Curves’ elite member.

The Waynedale News Staff

Mary Stark

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