One day a girl named Bethany was sorting out the invitations for her birthday party, which was coming up.

“Yes, yes, yes,” she said to her friend, Angel. “Of course, I need to invite Madison,” she said. “I also need to invite Lindsey. They have to be here,” said Bethany.

She was so exited, looking forward to her birthday party on Saturday afternoon.

“Wait!” she said, looking at her list. I can’t invite Emily, what was I thinking?” Also, if I invite Kelly, I must invite her twin, Jill.” Wait a second! I’ll just take a break,” she said to her friend Angel.

“You know?” Angel said, “It might be better if we just invited everyone.”

“Of course not! replied Bethany. I mean, I hate the preps, they’re just, just, just—–,

“Just what, Bethany? Not you! Never be jealous of a prep. They treat you terrible, but they are no better than anyone else. Trust me. I’ve seen movies Beth. It’ll be okay, I promise. Don’t let them intimidate you! Just invite them and treat them like everybody else.”

Well, come Saturday afternoon, you could tell Bethany took Angel’s word. Everyone was there, including the preps.

“Well, our opinion, is your party is lame! Let’s play spin the bottle!” said Amy and Jessica in their preppy voices.

“Uhhh uhhh—- okay? I guess we can,” replied Bethany.

“Okay” said Shelly. “I’ll gather up the guys after the cake.”

Well, here came the rich cake, and, she wished three wishes as she blew out the candles:

ONE: “I wish, I wish that all of those preppy girls would leave.”

TWO: “They will spread the word that my party was awesome.”

THREE: “That there will be no kissing at my party!”

She wished these things only in her head. Well, they sure did come true, because when Shelly gathered up people, she no longer wanted to kiss anyone, and neither did the boys. And when the girls ate the cake they loved the taste. And last, but not least, the preppy girls flew into the pool and somehow just disappeared. They magically reappeared in their own bedrooms!

“This is just great!” thought Bethany.

“What’s going on?” asked Angel.

“Oh nothing, just something!”

The next day at school, the preps said, “The party was great, you should have been there! We loved it!”

They all said, “It was the best party in the world.”

Well, Bethany knew all her wishes had come true. She had a magic birthday!

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